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Catalog Building Guide

How to Build Catalog

  1. Download pre-formatted Microsoft Excel Sheet

  2. Enter items in the excel sheet. Don’t rename excel sheets or change column headers 

    ProductGroup: eg. Photographic Equipment
    Category:  eg. Camera
    SubCategory: eg. Digital
    Manufacturer: Maker of the item
    ManufPartNo: Item or product part No. 
    Description: A two to three line short description of the item

    Price: Selling price of the item (Don’t include $ or any currency sign)

    [CALL]  The Call Now button will appear in the detail screen which takes the user
                 to Contact Us page.

            Only information will show, No button will be displayed in the detail

        The More Info button will show in the detail screen which takes user to
                 specified URL. URL must start with http://

    [Empty] The Buy Now button will appear in the detail screen which takes user to 
                   shopping cart process.

    [D]         The Donate button appears in the detail screen which let’s user donate

    [G]         Gift Certificate Item

    [R]         Calendar Event item

    Quantity in stock. The inventory goes down as buyers check out items

    GroundShipping: Fix ground shipping charges. Free if “0” is entered

    Weight: Weight of the product (minimum weight 1 lb). Don’t add lb or g symbol in the field

    Picture: Enter image name and ftp all images in one folder through. System will automatically link image with the item

    DetailInfo: Detail info or item specifications

  3. E-mail Microsoft Excel sheet to and we will upload items for you

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